Securing Your Personal Finances & Protecting your Data Privacy

Personal finance is an area of life that demands a great deal of attention and responsibility. As we continue to conduct more of our financial transactions online, it has become increasingly important to protect our personal and financial information from hackers and cybercriminals. With identity theft and financial fraud on the rise, it is crucial […]

What to do When a Loved One Passes?

Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult challenges, and the process of grieving can be overwhelming. On top of the emotional toll, there are also a number of practical and financial considerations to address in the aftermath of a loved one’s passing. From managing their estate and notifying financial institutions to navigating […]

Long Term Care: Who Needs it, When to Get it, Odds of Using it and Best Ways to Purchase

Long-term care insurance (LTC) is a type of insurance policy that covers the cost of long-term care for people who require assistance with daily living activities due to aging, chronic illness or disability. This type of insurance policy provides financial protection against the potentially high costs of long-term care services, such as nursing home care, […]

How to Manage your Cash in a Higher Interest Rate World

During this interest rate hiking cycle, an opportunity has been presented for investors to manage their cash much more effectively than in the past decade.  In today’s article, we want to walk you through the options available and how to make the best decision for your personal finances.  Traditionally, savings accounts have been a popular […]

Signs of a Recession, Where We are Today & Ways to Prepare

For about a year now, the media headlines have been flooded by the potential of a recession.  In this article we will go through the common indicators of past recessions and ways to prepare if that does come to fruition.  While a recession in the economy is never guaranteed, regardless of what the talking heads […]

The Importance of the US Dollar & It’s Impact on Investing

With the many headlines in the investing news, one key factor we watch is the value of the US Dollar vs other worldwide currencies. The US dollar is the world’s most dominant currency and is used as the primary currency for international trade and investment. Its importance lies not only in its wide usage but […]

Psychology of Investing & the Six Biases Investors Face

Markets can be turbulent, and as investor, we all experience emotions that effect our decision making and lead to common biases of what should happen next.  Investing biases are psychological factors that can lead investors to make irrational decisions, often resulting in poor investment outcomes. These biases can be dangerous for investors because they can […]

What is the FDIC and How Does it Work?

In light of recent events, there is concern among investors in the stability of the U.S. banking system. The FDIC has a crucial role to ensure deposits are protected and mitigate potential risk to consumers. The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) is a U.S. government agency created in 1933 in response to the widespread bank […]

How to Build & Maintain a Good Credit Score

Credit scores were first introduced in the United States in the 1950s by the Fair Isaac Corporation (now known as FICO). The credit scoring system was designed to help lenders assess the creditworthiness of potential borrowers and reduce the risk of lending money to people who may not be able to repay it. Before the […]

The History of Income Taxes and Common Deductions & Credits Today

Income taxes are a significant source of revenue for governments worldwide. They are levied on the income earned by individuals and corporations, and the rates at which they are taxed vary from country to country. The idea of taxing income dates back to ancient times, but the modern income tax system as we know it […]