As the leaves change and Fall approaches, so too does one of the most important presidential elections in United States history. But it’s not just the presidential election that matters. If both the Democrats with the Senate and Joe Biden is elected, there could be drastic changes to the nation’s tax code. Yet, even if […]

On the Street Monthly – Main Street and Wall Street Remain Disconnected

For most Americans, the coronavirus pandemic has left a long-lasting scar that has yet to heal. Millions of people have been quarantined, jobs have been lost, children have gone without schooling, and there remains no certain end to this global pandemic. Yet, amidst all of the pain on main street, markets continue to climb and […]

On The Street Monthly – June Ends Higher as Volatility Persists

Fueled by optimism about reopening the U.S. economy and a record-breaking employment report for May, stocks started the month moving in a positive direction. By Monday, June 8th, the S&P 500 actually closed in positive territory for the year. The euphoria would not last long. By the middle of that same week, the Federal Reserve […]

On The Street Monthly – The Pandemic Rebound: The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

This past week was a time of tremendous contrasts. The market closed the month of May with a strong rally driven by resilient tech stocks and essential goods companies and clinging to the glimmers of hope starting to appear in the slowly reopening economy and the early stages of vaccine development. SpaceX successfully partnered with […]

On The Street Monthly – Making Sense of the Market’s Disconnect with Economic Conditions

As the market rebounded significantly in April, capping one of the best performing months in more than 30 years, stock prices became strangely unhinged from the economic reality on the ground. During this time there was still widespread fear and uncertainty across the country, and we saw some of the most shocking economic data in […]

On the Street Monthly – Mobilizing the Strengths of the U.S. Economy to Defeat Covid-19

In the early stages of the pandemic we held hope that there was a possibility that, like some other advanced nations such as South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, our government and our people would come together to mostly contain the virus without very large or lasting costs. Now, however, the U.S. leads the world in […]


With the major indexes now in a bear market as the coronavirus has developed into a “Black Swan” event—a major unforeseen risk—the question on most people’s minds is whether markets have hit the bottom or have further to fall. Though it is too soon to tell whether we have reached an actual bottom, there are […]

Coronavirus Update: Putting the Volatility in Context

Such a sharp decline in the market as we have seen over the last several weeks proves, as one commentator put it, why IQ will only get you so far in investing. During times of panic, investing is more about temperament and psychology than it is about intellect. You need to be able to stay […]

Coronavirus Update: Avoiding Panic in Uncertain Times

As the chart below demonstrates, the stock market over the long term is an amazing wealth-generating machine. But the cost of reaping its benefits over the long term is staying the course through a agonizing times of worry and panic, the vast majority of which will not end up having a lasting impact. Currently the […]

Coronavirus: Fear versus Fundamentals

Last week the coronavirus was looking more contained. Economic numbers were strong, and the market was pricing in the widespread perception that any economic impact from the virus would be offset by policy makers both at home and abroad who would act fast to provide as much stimulus as needed. All of that changed yesterday […]