Russian Invasion & History of Market Moves around Military Conflicts

For the last few weeks, anticipation was building of Russia’s next move. Last night, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation in Ukraine. While the geopolitical environment continues to be unstable and the loss of life due to this attack should be at the forefront, we wanted to share our perspective on the market’s […]

What Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan could mean for you

It appears that President-elect Joe Biden is planning to enact legislation that many democrats have been pushing for in recent years: student loan forgiveness. This could be huge news for anyone still paying off student loans, who stand to see financial relief as a result. While Biden’s loan forgiveness plan is still not completely clear, […]

Use these apps to help you budget better in 2021

Want to better understand where your money is going? Use a budgeting app to help you get a holistic view of your finances. With a budgeting app in-hand, you can track and categorize your expenses, see your income, and get an idea of where you can cut back on spending. You might even learn a […]