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How Minors can Utilize a Roth IRA & When Tax Filing is Required

Setting the stage for a secure financial future is an essential aspect of life, and starting early can yield substantial rewards. While traditional investment vehicles may seem out of reach for minors, the Roth IRA provides an excellent opportunity for young individuals to lay the groundwork for long-term financial growth. In this article, we will […]

The Triple Tax-Exempt Strategy: Health Savings Accounts

Healthcare costs are a significant concern for many individuals and families, but there is a tax-advantaged tool that can help alleviate this burden while providing unique financial benefits. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) offer a triple tax-exempt strategy that allows individuals to save and invest funds specifically for medical expenses. In this article, we will explore […]

2023 EV Tax Credits: What You Need to Know

The federal tax credit for electric vehicles (EVs) has been extended and revamped for 2023 and beyond. For individuals considering the purchase of an electric vehicle (EV) in 2023, understanding the details of the Federal EV Tax Credit is important as changes continue. Let’s delve into how the credit works, the varying credit amounts, and […]

On the Street Monthly – Shifting from Recession Fears to Growing Optimism?

As we reach the midway point of 2023, the prevailing narratives at the start of the year centered around concerns of an impending recession, rising interest rates, and corporate layoffs. However, with the major indices delivering positive results, investors are finding themselves increasingly optimistic about the future. One key indicator shedding light on this sentiment […]

Mid-Year Checkup and Planning for the Second Half

As we reach the midway point of the year, it’s an opportune time to conduct a financial check-up to ensure you are on track to meet your goals and make any necessary adjustments, if needed. This mid-year assessment allows you to evaluate key areas such as retirement contributions, debt management, emergency funds, spending patterns, and […]

Preparing for a Longer Future: Understanding Life Expectancy Rates

When creating a financial plan, it’s important to set an endpoint. Each person has their own family history, current health, and expectations for how long they’ll live. That’s why we analyze historical life expectancy rates from birth and look at future projections. Here’s a chart dating back to 1860 through 2020, showing life expectancy rates […]

New Bull Market or Bear Market Bounce?

As the stock market continues its upward trajectory in 2023, there remains uncertainty and differing perspectives among market participants. Bulls argue that the recent rally from the October lows signifies a new bull market, backed by the fact that the market has risen over 20% from its 2022 lows. Conversely, bears point to the narrow […]

Cryptocurrency, Adoption Rates and Key Considerations

In recent days, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has intensified its scrutiny of cryptocurrency exchanges suspected of evading regulatory requirements. This increased pressure has resulted in the SEC targeting prominent industry players. On Monday, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, faced legal action from the SEC, followed by another lawsuit filed against Coinbase. The […]


AI Revolution As we approach the halfway point in the year, the most prevailing headline for 2023 thus far has been the rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI). We closed out 2022 with technology stocks in a bear market, higher interest rates, sticky inflation and pessimism about the overall economy. While some of these concerns are […]