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On the Street Monthly – Bad News is Good News?

There have been numerous occasions when bad economic news has triggered a positive market reaction. This pattern repeated with the latest report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On June 4th, the JOLTS data was released, detailing job openings among other metrics. The anticipated number of job openings was 8.35 million, but the report […]

Managing the Risk of Portfolio Drawdowns

One of the major risks investors face is a portfolio drawdown – a peak-to-trough decline in the value of their investment portfolio over a given period of time. Substantial drawdowns can derail long-term financial plans and make it difficult to recover lost ground. Understanding and managing drawdown risk is important for successful investing. A drawdown […]

On the Street Monthly – Sell in May?

The first quarter of 2024 witnessed a robust performance, but April brought a setback as major indices experienced a decline across the board. Factors such as persistent inflation, rising bond yields, and geopolitical tensions weighed heavily on investor sentiment, shaking confidence in the market. Given this backdrop, we wanted to explore the potential path ahead. […]

USA Today’s Best Financial Advisory Firms of 2024

We are proud to announce that Lake Street has been recognized as one of the Best Financial Advisory Firms in 2024 by USA Today. The selection process involved feedback from over 25,000 individuals, including financial advisors, clients, and industry experts, who recommended firms they found commendable. This title highlights Lake Street’s esteemed reputation within the […]

How Account Titling Can Save Thousands in Tax Dollars

Planning for the future encompasses not only financial security but also savvy tax management. One often-overlooked strategy that can yield substantial tax savings is strategic account titling. While many married couples default to joint ownership or trust structures where both partners are listed as grantors and trustees, the nuances of individual ownership can offer significant […]

Making the Most of Company Stock in a 401(k)

For employees working at a publicly traded company, you may have an option to buy the stock of the company you work for within the 401k plan.  While making the decision to invest in that stock is a decision within itself, simply due to the risk associated with investing in the company that also provides […]

Key Insights from Berkshire Hathaway’s Shareholder Letter

Source: (WSJ) Every year, Warren Buffett shares his insights and wisdom through his annual shareholder letter, a revered tradition for investors worldwide. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from Buffett’s 2023 Shareholder Letter. A Tribute to Charlie Munger: The letter opens with a heartfelt message about Charlie Munger, Buffett’s longtime partner, who passed away in […]