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President Joe Biden announced his plans for a $6 trillion US budget in the coming year. This would represent a one-third boost to federal spending compared to pre-coronavirus levels, and would be the highest sustained federal spending level since World War II. His plan is also expected to raise government spending to $8.2 trillion by […]

What Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan could mean for you

It appears that President-elect Joe Biden is planning to enact legislation that many democrats have been pushing for in recent years: student loan forgiveness. This could be huge news for anyone still paying off student loans, who stand to see financial relief as a result. While Biden’s loan forgiveness plan is still not completely clear, […]

Use these apps to help you budget better in 2021

Want to better understand where your money is going? Use a budgeting app to help you get a holistic view of your finances. With a budgeting app in-hand, you can track and categorize your expenses, see your income, and get an idea of where you can cut back on spending. You might even learn a […]